The physio snakeoil scam

Been reading this which talks about some scammers who made a snakeoil physio site aiming at deceiving people making them think that there reading legit health/injury advise and what they really need are some physio products by them... like insoles or back supports. The scam is to make a website that looks as thought it made by medical professional accredited physiotherapists but the truth of the matter is that the the site is owned by people who own a building site that sells diy supplies.... so I doubt builders will know much about physio!! Unless I am missing something of course.  The site is also ranking for multiple injury conditions and things on the search engines... the searchers click on the result and get taken to a article written to pressure them to buy one of their products because it will help... but really the product whatever it maybe will not give any benefit from wearing it whatsoever... in some cases the talk about injuries and how their products can help but a real physio would need to actually see the patient and recommend tailor made treatment not just any Chinese made on the cheap product! You can read more about this scam here (sorry link removed)....... Man I really do hate snakeoil and is it just me or does there seem to be a heck of a lot more nowadays as well? I guess where there is money to be had..who cares who you maybe harming... and much of this snakeoil advise can do more damage then good most of the time.

If you know any more scams and snakes why not tell us all in the comments below!!


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