This is why you shouldnt wear elevator shoes!

I'm 5 ft 6 and I thought it would be a good idea to start wearing elevator shoes to stop people laughing at me being so small... not a good idea and here is why.

So last post I talked about how my back was hurting (which it still is by the way) well I got some more news for you my feet are hurting as well now... I feel jinxed and wondering what other body part of mine is going to start hurting next. I think what has caused my feet to hurt is that fact that for the last month I have been wearing elevator shoes to help boost my height.. and I fear that this has caused stress on the toes and has caused me to pronate my feet badly as I walk.. I knew I shouldn't have worn them but I am small and I needed the extra height you see. The elevator shoes basically give me 4 inches more height through the tall heel they have on them.. I am thinking of scrapping them because so many people have laughed at me and my ridiculously high heels... I heard that height increasing insoles are meant to be a lot better.. more comfortable and people cannot see them either.... annoyingly I didn't know about them when I bought the elevator shoes which cost me £200.. height increasing insoles on the other hand only cost £10 :( im not a happy guy at the moment.. weather is terrible here in England to top it off.

Ouch, please go away back pain!

The middle of my back is really killing me with pain at the moment... that's what you get for hunching I suppose.. yet it is not fair because I have to hunch over the computer relentlessly toiling away doin g work just to earn a little bit of cash... that's capitalism in a nut shell for you its bad for your health and the fat rich gits.. (who of course are greedy and will probably die of obesity anyway) dont have to put their bodies under the stresses and strains of us "worker ants"... really not fair. Well I was wondering if I should buy a back support and see if that will help my aching back at all.. what do you think? I have heard that it is a good idea to buy them.. not for use when your stood up because the supports can weaken your supporting muscles but a back support can help put you back in the good habit of sitting up straight and stopping you slouching when you sat at computer.. anyone know if this is true? I guess anything is worth the try when you got back pain like mine. Going to start some stretches as well to help.. anyone got any suggestions at the moment all I know is trying to touch the ceiling and that it... :/

Well thats not good

Well is rather rubbish I just tried setting up a  blog on their and after just a couple minutes posting it just 504 bad gateway all the time.. really useless and I have not been able to access since... would have thought that this would have been sorted now because months ago I abandoned using that site after that same thing started happening... and I just figured that they would have finally sorted it out by now because it makes the site unusable but I guess not.

Atleast am not blocked anymore!

A couple days ago I thought I got blocked from this google account and could never use ever again.. because I logged in and I got a message saying that unusual activity was detected from my account and had to re-verify my phone number or something.. it was rather annoying and blocked me from doing anything until I did... but that message has gone now even though I just left the account for a couple days.. I am so relieved that I didn't get permanently blocked and was quite scary and I was really angry when I got the message.. I dont know what caused it because i just logged in as normal.. didn't use a wrong password or anything.. guess its just one of those mysteries.

If I did get blocked then it would be goodbye to this blog because I wouldn't be able to post anymore :(

What a pain in the feet that was!

Well, in my last post I talked about how some internet scammers pretend to be "physiotherapists" I wrote that post when I got annoyed when my feet started hurting a while back and I started searching around for some good insoles to help solve my aching feet I noticed that when I searched on Google I was bombarded with fake advise and people pretending to be specialist physiotherapists trying to sell you cheaply made Chinese imported insoles costing £30.. way way to expensive if you ask me.... or custom insoles which looked no different to the cheap alternatives which were even more money over £100.. eek! It is always good to go for the top results on google "organic listings" not the google adwords listings as anyone with money can buy themselves to the top of the ads on google... I once got scammed by someone on google ads.. never got what I ordered! Anyway the top results on google tend to be the more established sites that have gained their rankings thanks to links which act as votes of recommendation to the site.. but some smart scammers can "game" this system and vote for themselves by creating links so not always the top results are the best.
It really can be hard finding some insoles.. especially ones right for you. It took me ages. I kept on running into sites that just were either way to expensive or had advise that contradicted advise I had read on another site.... so who do I trust? My feet started hurting a while back now... got foot cramps, pain the lot! I dont know what brought it on... maybe I over did it when I went running one time or something...
Well, after hours of research and still with aching feet, I eventually found some good insoles which I have been wearing ever since...Didn't find them from google though but one of my friends suggested I go on In the name of sport and buy some from there after I spend hours trying to find some good ones and even longer complaining to my friends how I couldn't find some and how badly my feet hurt... (wish he told me sooner to be honest and saved me a whole headache) I guess the moral of this story is the internet is useless.. and word of mouth from people you know is the best way to find out what to buy... because there is far too much snakeoil and spammers lurking on the internet.

The physio snakeoil scam

Been reading this which talks about some scammers who made a snakeoil physio site aiming at deceiving people making them think that there reading legit health/injury advise and what they really need are some physio products by them... like insoles or back supports. The scam is to make a website that looks as thought it made by medical professional accredited physiotherapists but the truth of the matter is that the the site is owned by people who own a building site that sells diy supplies.... so I doubt builders will know much about physio!! Unless I am missing something of course.  The site is also ranking for multiple injury conditions and things on the search engines... the searchers click on the result and get taken to a article written to pressure them to buy one of their products because it will help... but really the product whatever it maybe will not give any benefit from wearing it whatsoever... in some cases the talk about injuries and how their products can help but a real physio would need to actually see the patient and recommend tailor made treatment not just any Chinese made on the cheap product! You can read more about this scam here (sorry link removed)....... Man I really do hate snakeoil and is it just me or does there seem to be a heck of a lot more nowadays as well? I guess where there is money to be had..who cares who you maybe harming... and much of this snakeoil advise can do more damage then good most of the time.

If you know any more scams and snakes why not tell us all in the comments below!!